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Your Brisbane Mattress Cleaning specialists now offers the most efficient and effective service to make your mattress healthy once again. Mattress Makeover's most advanced cleaning and sanitising system in Brisbane and Redland City, guarantees great service, competitive rates and professional workmanship when we clean and sanitise your mattress - Whether you have one bed in your home or one hundred beds in a holiday resort that require the Makeover Treatment.Mattress Cleaning Brisbane


Why call Brisbane's Leading Mattress Cleaners?


1. It's great for your health. Your mattress could literally be making you sick from its accumulated bacteria, allergens and viruses. If you suffer from allergies such as Asthma, Hay Fever, Sinusitis, Eczema and other skin rashes, your mattress could be a cause - particularly with the high humidity and warm climate we experience in Brisbane

2. It extends the life of your mattress. Constant accumulation of dead skin, hair, bodily fluids, dust mites, dust mite faeces and other contaminants, will shorten the life of your mattress. You may be surprised to hear that your mattress will double in weight in just 6 years if you don't have it serviced

3. You will wake up feeling more refreshed and vibrant after a great night's sleep free of dead skin, dust mites & dust mite allergens (their poo) lurking under your sheets. For more on our process...Click Here

4. Our unique system allows you to make your bed just 10 minutes after treatment (not including any stain treatment)

5. Our Eco Friendly System is great for the environment but also great for your health.

Your mattress is far too expensive not to look after it. Look at it this way...You spend 8 hours or more every single day in bed. As you sleep, you exfoliate. Your skin flakes are great tucker for the common microscopic spider, the Dust Mite. For more info on the dust mite cleaning ...Click Here.

Invest in your refreshing sleep today for a better, more alert day tomorrow.

Discover Why "Steam" Cleaning Your Mattress in Brisbane is not recommended?Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. Carpet Cleaning Redlands

Firstly, steam is water and what is often called 'Mattress Steam Cleaning Services' is really 'Hot Water Extraction'. Be careful not to get the two confused. Genuine steam cleaning is fine.Brisbane is humid enough without creating an artificial 'Green House" in your mattress. Water is great for drinking and cleaning clothes or hard surfaces but is nasty when used to clean a huge sponge called a mattress. Dust mites and other bugs (microbes) love moisture and humidity that the hot water extraction method injects in to your mattress. Following are a few more reasons to avoid using the hot water method to clean your mattress...

Hot water extraction will leave water residue which will encourage Mould Spore and Bacterial Growth

Hot water extraction can cause problems with the timber box frame and internal springs

Hot water extraction can take hours and even days to completely dry (drying time depends on temperature and relative humidity levels)

Hot water extraction will draw impurities to the surface that if not dealt with properly can leave permanent staining on the mattress fabric

Hot water extraction cannot be used on blood or urine spills as it fails to remove the uric acid and the heat sets the stain in.

Mattress Cleaning Brisbane, Carpet Cleaning BrisbaneYou clean your floors, bathroom, kitchen and every other part of your house. Now it's time to clean the mattress that you spend 1/3 of your life resting on. You owe it to yourself, your family and your health. It’s a whole lot cheaper than buying a new mattress. Contact us for a quote for hotels, motels, holiday apartments, serviced apartments and resorts. For more information for Accommodation Establishments, please Click Here. One of our clients,  Park Regis North Quay (pictured left) realises the importance of mattress cleaning hygiene. All their beds are now professionally treated, safe and fresh for a higher level of quality and comfort in this Brisbane City Riverfront Hotel.Call or SMS your Mattress Cleaning Brisbane Professionals on 0432 333 464 (043 BEDDING) for a free quote or for further information.
Your Brisbane Mattress Cleaning Service covers all suburbs including North to Caboolture, Brisbane West to Moggill and Kenmore, Brisbane East to Sandgate and the Redlands and Brisbane South to Mount Gravatt and Eight Mile Plains.This is not a franchised business so you can be confident of your total satisfaction! For a list of the Mattress Makeover service area Click Here.

Mattress Cleaning Brisbane - "We Clean Beds...Better"

Genuine Dry Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. Carpet Cleaning Redlands

Your carpet cleaning Brisbane professionals is carpet cleaning not as you know it. Eco friendly... using more than 80% less moisture than the typical hot water extraction and steam cleaning, the awesome RevitaClean system has many advantages.

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane & Mattress Cleaning Brisbane


- No water marks left behind - We don't use hot water or "steam"

- Use carpets immediately following carpet cleaning

- Removed stains don't return - Guaranteed!

- No sticky residue like with detergent based systems so your carpet stays cleaner, longer

- Highly effective, even in high traffic areas

RevitaClean offers professional carpet cleaning across Brisbane South and North and Redland City. Great for the  Brisbane home, hotels, offices, aged care, motels and resorts.

Carpet cleaning Brisbane. Carpet Cleaning Redlands

Call Carpet Cleaning Brisbane on 0432 333 464  for a free quote.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane South. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Bayside. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane City. Dry Carpet Cleaning Redlands

Dry Carpet Cleaning Brisbane - "We clean Carpets...Better"

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